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Red Lizard Train in Tunisia

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Red Lizard Train in Tunisia

You go to Tunisia and you did not experience the Red Lizard Train, then definitely you have wasted your
trip. It can be said without any doubt that a vacation in Tunisia is not comprehensive without a ride
on this wonderful and historical train. This train has deep roots in history, and therefore it is a special
attraction for history lovers.

By the end of the 19th century, the French built this narrow gauge line to enable easy transportation of
the prosperous deposits of phosphorous found in the region of Metaloui, towards the west of Redeyef.
These deposits were discovered by a paleontologist Philippe Thomas, who was also a surgeon in the
French army. The red lizard had also been used by the ruler of Tunis as a medium of transportation
between Tunis, the national capital, and his summer vacationā€™s spot near Hammam Lif. In the year 1995
the national railway authority started the maintenance work of the track and it was put back to work.

To enjoy this wonderful ride you have to go to Gafsa. Make you way to the foothills of Tell Atlas to
Metaloui, which is about 42 km South West of Gafsa. Metaloui is known as the heart of the phosphate
mining industry of Tunisia. You can purchase your ticket from the chief railway station of this town. The
train leaves daily at 11 in the morning, except on Saturdays. Once on the train, take a seat, sit back and
relax, and enjoy the most sizzling and exhilarating train ride along the Seldjia Gorge.

Tunisia is a country blessed with unlimited natural wonders and features. From vast deserts to far
stretched seas, Rocky Mountains and stony hills, Tunisia has a lot to offer to the people who would
like to spend their vacations here. The journey on the Red Lizard Train is about an hour and half long.
During the return journey you will get a chance to see some of the most strange and fascinating rock
formations of the world, making it a once in a life time experience.

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